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Transatlantique - Simon Hantaï

Edited by Molly Warnock

Contributors :

Julie Ault . Sarah Crowner . Odili Donald Odita .

Eileen Quinlan . David Reed . Pieter Schoolwerth . James Siena .

Translator : Fabienne Durand-Bogaert

Molly Warnock invites seven American artists to write on the work of Simon Hantaï (1922 – 2008). A major artist of the second half of the 20th century, Hantaï developed an immense and multifaceted work, passing from Surrealism to gestural and written paintings and, finally, the invention of the folding method. Julie Ault, Sarah Crowner, Odili Donald Odita, Eileen Quinlan, David Reed, Pieter Schoolwerth and James Siena share their views on this master of abstraction.

Book design : Catherine Barluet and Jean François Maurige

144 pages * 10 x 19 cm * Softcover

Bilingual edition (English / French)

ISBN 978-1-64921-369-3

$ 24.00

Release April 2021.

Transatlantique Simon Hantaï.jpg.JPG
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