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Transatlantique - James Bishop

Edited by Molly Warnock

Contributors :

Pierre Buraglio . Sharon Butler . Harriet Korman . Paul Pagk .

David Reed . Dorothea Rockburne . Richard Tuttle . Paul Wallach .

Translator : Catherine Vasseur and John Tittensor

The work of the American painter James Bishop (1927-2021), based mainly in France since 1958, stands in a singular relationship to the European and North American traditions of postwar abstraction. Over a period of thirty years, Bishop worked on both canvas and paper and developed a unique pictorial language revealing the process of creation. After 1987, he restricted himself exclusively to the confined, intimate space of paper formats. As rare as it is decisive, his oeuvre has profoundly marked artists on both sides of the Atlantic, including the eight brought together here by Molly Warnock.

Book design : Catherine Barluet and Jean François Maurige

128 pages * 10 x 19 cm * Softcover

Bilingual edition (English / French)

ISBN 978-1-643901-228-2

$ 24.00

 Release, September 2021.

Transatlantique - James Bishop.JPG
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