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Transatlantique - Guy de Cointet

Edited by Rachel Valinsky

Contributors :

Davide Balula . Eva Barto . Julie Béna . Jesse Chun .

Jean-Pascal Flavien . Gordon Hall . Alan Reid .

Translator : Sarah Vermande et Madeleine Compagnon

Guy de Cointet (1934 – 1983) is a major figure in the conceptual and performance art movements. Originally from France, he moved to the United States in 1966, and remained an active member of the California art scene until his death in 1983. His multidisciplinary work has been the subject of renewed attention over the past twenty years. Rachel Valinsky invites seven artists based on both sides of the Atlantic to shed light on the impact of his work.

Book design : Catherine Barluet and Jean François Maurige

160 pages * 10 x 19 cm * Softcover

Bilingual Edition (English / French)

ISBN 978-2-493808-04-2       


Release January 30, 2024.

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