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Transatlantique - Sam Francis

Edited by Pierre Wat

Contributors :

Stéphane Bordarier . Damien Cabanes . Claire Chesnier . 

Vicky Colombet . Marc Desgrandchamps . Richard Long .

Emmanuel Van der Meulen . Claude Viallat

Translator : Laurie Hurwitz et Gauthier Lesturgie

The American painter Sam Francis (1923 – 1994), associated with the second generation of abstract expressionists, is an artist of color and light whose work is strongly marked by spiritual, philosophical, and pictorial issues. A Transatlantique artist, Francis lived and worked in the United States, France, Japan, Mexico, and Switzerland. Art historian Pierre Wat invites eight artists to cast an eye on this fundamental work of the 20th century.

Book design : Catherine Barluet and Jean François Maurige

140 pages * 10 x 19 cm * Softcover

Bilingual Edition (English / French)

ISBN 978-2-493808-06-6     


Release June 18, 2024.

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