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Transatlantique - Martin Barré

Edited by Molly Warnock

Contributors :

Max Estenger . Julia Fish . Joe Fyfe .

Laura Lisbon . Tariku Shiferaw . Cheyney Thompson .

Translator : Catherine Vasseur

A major figure in French abstraction of the late 20th century, Martin Barré (1924-1993) probed the fundamental parameters of painting for five decades. During the last 15 years, his work has received increasing attention in the United States. For Transatlantique, Molly Warnock brings together six American artists who share their invaluable perspectives on this decisive work.

Book design : Catherine Barluet and Jean François Maurige

132 pages * 10 x 19 cm * Softcover

Bilingual edition (English / French)

ISBN 978-1-64921-368-6

$ 21.00

Release September 2020.

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